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Calf Statue (1m x 1.6m x 0.55m)
item# INT0366
Barrel, Whiskey Fake (0.7m x 0.5m)
item# PIR0001
Branch & Stand with Four Black Crows
item# JUN0101
Western Bar Wooden (1.85 x 0.92 x 0.37m)
item# HOS0068
Stocks. With single post. (1.4m x 0.8m)
item# MID0049
Wishing Well (H: 1.50m - base 0.7 cm high )
item# FAI0022
Hangmans Noose.Freestanding(2.1m x 0.9m x 0.51m)
item# WES0040
Cow free standing cutout (1.80 m )
item# INT0328
Police Mugshot Board (0.34 x 0.26) [x=3]
item# WES0039
Half Barrel Wine (1m x 0.5m dia)
item# PIR0044
Money Bags [x=8] (price is per bag)
item# CSN0020
Gold Bars [x=50] (price is per item)
item# CSN0021
Stocks Deluxe XL (H1350mm x W1500mm)
item# MID0043
Money Bags [x=8] (price is per bag)
item# CSN0020
Cart#1 Large Flat with Metal Wheels (L2.5 x H0.6 x W0.9)
item# TRA0014
Blue Safe
item# CSN0022
Jail Bar Door Hinged (2.0m x 0.82m x 0.05m)
item# WES0014
Jail Bar Large (2.0m x 1.49m x 0.05m) [x=2]
item# WES0015
Kerosene Lamp [x=10]
item# WES0018
Saddle Western
item# WES0019
Saloon Doors & Panels (2.9m x 3.0m) [p=3] [bld]
item# WES0020
Sign Saloon Wild West (0.41m x 1.33m x 0.04m)
item# WES0021
Anvil (0.7m)
item# WES0001
Wagon Wheel (1.28m dia) [x=3]
item# WES0023
Cactus Papier-Mache Small (0.55m)
item# WES0025
Windmill Metal Small (1.45m x 0.35m x 0.6m)
item# WES0024
Cactus Papier-Mache Large (0.8m)
item# WES0002
Cactus Resin Large (1.85m) [x=8]
item# WES0003
Cactus Resin Small (0.9m) [x=6]
item# WES0004
Bison Skull
item# WES0005
Hitching Post (1.82m x 1.0m x 0.6m) [x= 2]
item# WES0007
Horse Brown Lifesize (2.7m x 2.2m x 0.7m) [xxl]
item# WES0008
Horse Collar
item# WES0009
Indian Chief Statue (2m)
item# WES0010
Jail Bar Small (2.0m x 0.93m x 0.05m)
item# WES0013
John Wayne (1.92m)
item# STG0008
Rocks Polystyrene (approx 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m) [x=12]
item# JUN0031
Desert Landscape (8.8m x 4.9m)
item# BDP0124
Western Saloon Balcony (9m x 4m)
item# BDP0090
Western Saloon Bar (3.5m x 2m)
item# BDP0091
Western Desert (6m x 4m)
item# BDP0066
Western Street (8m x 4m) [d]
item# BDP0085
Red Desert (8m x 3.5m)
item# BDP0002

wn=worn. x=total quantity. p=parts. wg=weight in kg. mat=material. xxl=oversize. dia=diameter. h=height in metres. w=width in metres. d=depth in metres. bld=build/assemble. aso=assorted - generic code. n= no eyelets. lp= lazer print. uv+ultra violet. in= indoor use only. out=outdoor use. s= candle spike. c= candlestick. t= tea candle.