Our Team

Jo Pilkington Jo Pilkington Director
Jo spent years in the music industry in London before returning to Aotearoa because she missed Tip Top Trumpets and Pohutukawa trees. She joined First Scene in 2008 and brings over 20 years of event management experience to her role. Her passions include laminating anything (which has earned her the title The Laminating Queen) and listening to tragic 80's ballads from the decade that taste forgot.
Alwyn Hamblyn Alwyn Hamblyn Business Manager
Alwyn has been managing the coffers at First Scene since 2008. He brings a wealth of office management experience and is so good at his job we lock him in his office so he can't leave. Alwyn spends any spare time adding to his already hoarderish collection of Halloween props and regalia and counting down to his favourite night of the year - October 31st.
Maria Wood Maria Wood Retail Manager, Costumes Dept
Maria has a diploma in FX make-up, a background in photography, mixology and hospitality. She is addicted to global travel (over 50 countries and counting). She has spent time living in England and France and has been known to ride Harleys, elephants and camels.
Andy Dickson Andy Dickson Assistant Manager, Costumes Dept
Andy “Flyboy” Dickson has been a long term member of the First Scene costume staff. He has a love and wide knowledge of cult cinema and a long involvement in the music and media industry. He is in huge demand as a Vintage Music DJ and brings his love of pop culture and retro fashion to First Scene’s happy party going punters.
Tavai Pelenato Tavai Pelenato Laundry Queen, Costumes Dept
Tavai brings ten years of professional laundering experience to First Scene. Originally from Samoa, she has called Auckland home for the past 21 years. When she isn’t mothering the staff and giving out great advice, she rocks out with the Nafanua Band on the euphonium.
Miranda Russell Miranda Russell Manager, Productions Wardrobe Dept
Miranda is the person who has been at First Scene the longest, starting 14 years ago when it was still owned by TVNZ. She hasn’t been slacking either… she’s worked in every department… three.

When Miranda was nine her hobbies were Brownies and chess. Now her Brownies uniform won’t fit and no one will play chess with her.
Rich Whall Rich Whall Supervisor, Party Props Dept
Rich is First Scene's resident musician and all round go to guy in our props department. His ability to think outside the square means he can create something unique for your event. When he isn't organising our huge range of props Rich spends his free time playing bass in The Jordan Luck Band.
Warren Ormsby-Green Warren Ormsby-Green Prop & Costume Technician Repair
Warren is self taught in tailoring, embroidery, wood, metal, bone and leather work, miniature modeling and painting. He specializes in military and civil equipment and tools. Warren was the armourer on both The Lord of the Rings and The Last Samurai.

For the past seven years Warren has been sharing his knowledge and love of all things medieval with the staff and clients at First Scene.