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Bollywood Wedding
Table White Wrought Iron Outdoor, Small (65cm high x 70cm diameter).
item# FUR0408
Chair White Wrought Iron Outdoor. 85 cm high. (9 in stock)
item# FUR0411
Wedding Arch # 2 Narrow (2.30m x 1.20m x 0. 45m)
item# WED0005
Chair. White Wrought Iron. Folding Flower Design.(total stock =2)
item# FUR0507
Table. White Wrought Iron Folding. Flower Design.
item# FUR0508
Wedding Arch # 3 Narrow (2.55m x 1.45m x 0. 45m)
item# WED0004
Queen of Hearts Throne Red rose 1.38 x 0.6 x 0.6
item# THR0022
Gold Frames
item# MAS0012
Half Barrel Wine (1m x 0.5m dia)
item# PIR0044
Palanquin (Interchangable throne) (0.9m x 1.51m x 1.7m)
item# THR0015
Pergola Unit (2.4m long attachment two sets of Columns; need minimum of 4 + 4 Doric Columns; total set makes a frame around 8 legs or 3 separate units) [x=12]
item# GRE0043
Curtain White (15m x 5m) [x=3]
item# CRT0025
Curtain White (9m x 5m) [x=1]
item# CRT0026
Silver Hair Dryer Units (Head Unit L500 x Dia350) Overall Height 1.8m [x=3]
item# HOU0009
Urn Base White (H50cm x W51cm x D51cm)
item# URN0025
Cake #1 Jump Out Of (H106 dia;120cm) [xxl]
item# WED0003
Cake Wedding Small
item# WED0002
Wedding Arch (H245cm x W185cm x D85cm - The head clearance is 200cm)
item# WED0001
Champagne Glass Gold (Can't Be Sat In) (1.8m x 1.2m) 2 in stock.
item# HOL0004
(m) Urn Plastic White Large (55cm high) [x=2]
item# URN0015
(n) Urn Plastic White Small (H55cm) [x=2]
item# URN0016
(o) Urn Giant White (H105cm x 75cm dia)
item# URN0017
(q) Urn Base White for Sml or Lge Plastic Urns (H35cm) [x=2]
item# URN0019
(R) Urn Pedestal White Round Base (H60cm) 4 available.
item# URN0020
Urn Base White Giant (H60cm x W80cm x D80cm)
item# URN0021
Urn Square White (H50cm x W50cm x D50cm) [x=4]
item# URN0023
Santa Throne (H187cm x W102 cm x L113 cm) 2 available.
item# THR0009
Throne Santa Medium (H1m x W0.6m) 2 available
item# THR0012
Urn (h) Gold (H1.3m) [x=2]
item# URN0008
(j) Urn White Plastic (H70cm x 90cm dia)
item# URN0010
Gold Frame Large w Stand (H1.4m x W:2m Stand H1.4m x W1.75m)
item# MAS0004
Birdcage #06 Ornate w Base Large Round (H1.2m x D0.8m)
item# JUN0006
Birdcage #10 Ornate Round Small (H0.6m x D0.4m)
item# JUN0010
Table White Wrought Iron Folding (total stock=2)
item# FUR0370
Chair White Wrought Iron Folding (total stock=4)
item# FUR0156
Column (b) Corinthian Black/Gold (2.2m) [x= 2]
item# COL0002
Column (d) Doric White Polystyrene (2.2m) [x=8]
item# COL0004
Column (f) Doric Gold Polystyrene (2.2m) [x=4]
item# COL0006
Column (k) Doric White Polystyrene (2.7m) [x=4]
item# COL0011
Column (r) Planter Gold (1.6m) [x=4]
item# COL0017
Column (s) Planter White (1.6m) [x= 6]
item# COL0018
Columns Corinthian Rough (2.2m x 0.46m x 0.46m)
item# COL0026
Column (a) Altar White (0.9m) [x=2]
item# COL0001

wn=worn. x=total quantity. p=parts. wg=weight in kg. mat=material. xxl=oversize. dia=diameter. h=height in metres. w=width in metres. d=depth in metres. bld=build/assemble. aso=assorted - generic code. n= no eyelets. lp= lazer print. uv+ultra violet. in= indoor use only. out=outdoor use. s= candle spike. c= candlestick. t= tea candle.