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Oktoberfest Entrance 2.3m Tall (3 x SIGNS, BASE)
item# INT0345
Calf Statue (1m x 1.6m x 0.55m)
item# INT0366
Samurai Armour on Stand 1.2m high
item# INT0324
Standing Ring Candelabra black 5 pt (1.65 m)
item# cnd0043
Standing Ring Candelabra black 7 pt (1.65 m)
item# cnd0042
Gold Trophy / Gold Cup (1m high x 0.4 m diameter)
item# CSN0024
Olympic Torch
item# GRE0041
Winners Podium (1.8 x 0.65 x 0.55)
item# STA0056
Olympic Rings
item# GRE0039
Cutout Calf (0.8m x 1.2m) and bases
item# INT0321
Windmill Metal Small (1.45m x 0.35m x 0.6m)
item# WES0024
Jail Bar Door Hinged (2.0m x 0.82m x 0.05m)
item# WES0014
Jail Bar Large (2.0m x 1.49m x 0.05m) [x=2]
item# WES0015
Kerosene Lamp [x=10]
item# WES0018
Saddle Western
item# WES0019
Surfboard Longboard (fiberglass) (L280cm W60cm) (image showing both sides of the same board )
item# TRO0001
Surfboard Longboard (fibreglass) (283cm x 55cm) (image showing both sides of same board)
item# TRO0002
Surfboard Yellow (L180cm x W50cm) [x=3]
item# TRO0005
Surfboard Yellow/Orange (L190cm x W60cm)
item# TRO0006
Sheep Life Size (H.5m x 1.3m)
item# INT0064
United Nations (2.7m x 1.6m) [mat=batten]
item# FLG0076
World Unknown (1.8m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0088
Semaphore Signal Flag Polyester (0.3m x 0.3m stick 0.54m) [x=2]
item# FLG0059
Sailing Ship (8.8m x 4.2m)
item# BDP0092
Wave (8m x 4m)
item# BDP0055

wn=worn. x=total quantity. p=parts. wg=weight in kg. mat=material. xxl=oversize. dia=diameter. h=height in metres. w=width in metres. d=depth in metres. bld=build/assemble. aso=assorted - generic code. n= no eyelets. lp= lazer print. uv+ultra violet. in= indoor use only. out=outdoor use. s= candle spike. c= candlestick. t= tea candle.