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Miami Vice
Love Boat Isaac
Dancing Mirror Girls 1.80m (4 in stock)
item# sta0135
Pacman Strawberry. Wooden on stand.1.40 tall. 35cm
item# AGE0018
Pacman Cherry. Wooden on Stand. 1.4m tall. 35cm wide.
item# AGE0017
Pacman Ghosts. Wooden on Stand.1.4m tall, 40cm Diameter(2 available)
item# AGE0016
Ms Pacman.Wooden on Stand. 1.65 Tall. 75cm Diameter
item# AGE0015
Pacman, wooden on stand. 1.65m tall. 0.75m dia.
item# AGE0014
Wheelchair (d), modern black nylon
item# MED0032
Rubiks Cube (0.6 m x 06. m ) ( total in stock = 4 )
item# AGE0011
Gold Bars [x=50] (price is per item)
item# CSN0021
Large Movie Camera (1.4 x 0.9 x 0.6)
item# HOL0036
Rock n Roll Speaker Pink Spray Paint (0.8 x 0.57 x 0.3)
item# MUS0022
Makeup Mirror Large Two seater (2m x 1.1 m x 0.7m) [x=2]
item# HOL0013
Large Rock Guitar , Black and White , Wooden Flat (1.8m)
item# AGE0001
Large Rock Guitar , red and white, Wooden Flat (1.8 m)
item# AGE0002
Fluffy Die / Dice White Spotted (60cm)
item# AGE0005
Beanbag Tiger Print
item# FUR0116
Curtain Sequin Silver (6.5m x 4m) [d]
item# CRT0012
Curtain Sequined Gold (3m x 3.6m)
item# CRT0013
Curtain Sequined Gold (4m x 3.6m) [x=3]
item# CRT0014
Curtain Shot Taffeta Red/Black (2.6m x 3.5m) [x=3]
item# CRT0015
Fluffy Die / Dice Blue (0.6m x 0.6m x 0.6m)
item# AGE0006
Curtain Holographic Dot (4m x 4m) [x=2]
item# CRT0003
Curtain Holographic Swirl (4m x 4m)
item# CRT0004
Curtain Lame Gold (4m x 3m) 4 available
item# CRT0005
Curtain Metallic Silver (4.5m x 3m)
item# CRT0008
Curtain Sequin Magenta (worn) (4m x 4m) [x=2]
item# CRT0010
Curtain Sequin Silver (3.5m x 4m) [d]
item# CRT0011
Column (m) Flame (2m) [x=2]
item# COL0013
Card Shoe (0.1m x 0.3m)
item# CSN0003
Raffle Barrel Large (1.0m x x 1.2m x 0.67) [p=6]
item# CSN0005
Rug Shag Orange (1.2m x 2.15m)
item# CRP0332
Farmhouse and Fence (7m x 3m) [n]
item# BDP0089
1980s Suburban Houses (3.5m x 3.5m)
item# BDP0045

wn=worn. x=total quantity. p=parts. wg=weight in kg. mat=material. xxl=oversize. dia=diameter. h=height in metres. w=width in metres. d=depth in metres. bld=build/assemble. aso=assorted - generic code. n= no eyelets. lp= lazer print. uv+ultra violet. in= indoor use only. out=outdoor use. s= candle spike. c= candlestick. t= tea candle.