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Auckland City Backdrop w/ Sky Tower. (vinyl) 6m x 5m
item# BDP0233
Calf Statue (1m x 1.6m x 0.55m)
item# INT0366
Letterbox White on stand 1.25m high (3 available)
item# INT0349
Cow free standing cutout (1.80 m )
item# INT0328
Rugby Posts,Bases & Cover (2.3m high x 1.7m wide) Adjustable bar height (1 m , 1.3 m , 1.6 m )
item# INT0318
Gold Trophy / Gold Cup (1m high x 0.4 m diameter)
item# CSN0024
Four Way Kiwiana Road Sign
item# INT0327
Kiwi Crossing Road Sign
item# INT0326
Cutout Sheep W 0.7 x H 0.8
item# INT0319
Cutout Calf (0.8m x 1.2m) and bases
item# INT0321
Sky and Sand Backdrop (8m x 4.9m)
item# BDP0221
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori flag(1.5x0.9) (mat=polyester)
item# FLG0089
Lawn Mower Vintage Push Mower
item# INT0232
Parking Meter (1.30m)
item# TRA0022
Mini White Picket Fences (2m x 0.3m)
item# FAI0025
Windmill Metal Small (1.45m x 0.35m x 0.6m)
item# WES0024
Doors of Moria 2.80m high x 2.40m wide.
item# MID0010
#001 Maori Carving Tahi (3m x 1.23m)
item# MAO0001
#002 Maori Carving Rua (2.79m x 1.20m)
item# MAO0002
Stuffed Lamb Lying Down w/Brown Legs
item# JUN0044
Stuffed Lamb Standing
item# JUN0045
Stuffed Pukeko #01
item# JUN0046
12 Beer Bottles in 1 Crate
item# INT0046
Edmonds Baking Powder Tin (H1m)
item# INT0050
Farm Fence Section (H0.9m x W2m x D0.2m) [x=5]
item# INT0052
Kiwi Fruit Slice Giant (D64cm) [x 1]
item# INT0056
Lamb Lying Down (L55cm x H45 cm) [x=2]
item# INT0058
Milk Urns
item# INT0060
Moa Cutout (H155cm x W90cm x D1cm) [x=6]
item# INT0061
Sheep Life Size (H.5m x 1.3m)
item# INT0064
Tiki Giant (H47cm x W31cm x D4cm) [x=4]
item# INT0065
Traffic Light on Stand (2.3m x 0.5m x 0.5m) [xxl]
item# INT0066
Trash Can Metal Kiwi
item# INT0067
Chair Stacking Vinyl Red [x=14]
item# FUR0149
New Zealand All Blacks (1.5m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester] [x=2]
item# FLG0037
New Zealand Alternate Fantasy (1.9m x 1.1m) [mat=poly]
item# FLG0038
New Zealand Crusaders (0.9m 0.6m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0040
New Zealand Ensign White (2.8m x 1.3m) [mat=batten]
item# FLG0041
New Zealand Highlanders (0.9m x 0.6m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0042
New Zealand National (2.2m x 1.1m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0043
New Zealand National (1.5m x 0.75m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0045
New Zealand National (1.85m x 0.9m [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0047
New Zealand National (1.5m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester] [x=10]
item# FLG0048
New Zealand National (1.8m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester] [x=2]
item# FLG0049
New Zealand National (0.9m x 0.45m [mat=polyester] [x=2]
item# FLG0050
New Zealand Silver Fern on Black (1.5m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester] [x=2]
item# FLG0051
New Zealand Silver Fern on Black (1.5m x 0.9m) [mat=polyester]
item# FLG0052
Butterflies 50cm [x=8]
item# FAI0001
Carpet Floral Yellow w Cream Green (2.7m x 3.6m)
item# CRP0474
Rug Floral Grey w Pink Green Black (0.95m x 2.1m)
item# CRP0334
Rug Floral grey w/red green cream 2m x 2.6m)
item# CRP0338
Rug Retro Swirl Cream w Brown Green (1.05m x 1.5m)
item# CRP0340
Rug Multi Stripe w Pink Red Green (0.95m x 1.75m)
item# CRP0341
Rug Floral Grey w Pink Yellow (0.52m x 1.48m)
item# CRP0344
Rug Floral Border Green w Blue and Pink (1.2m x 1.6m)
item# CRP0345
Rug Floral Grey w Pink Yellow (0.52m x 1.48m)
item# CRP0349
Persian Round Green w Pink Green (diameter 1.20m)
item# CRP0351
Vinyl Woodgrain Dark (1.2m x 3.8m)
item# CRP0460
Vinyl Woodgrain Light (2.2m x 4.7m)
item# CRP0461
Vinyl Woodgrain Panel Light (2m x 4m)
item# CRP0464
Rug Floral Pink w Blue Cream (0.8m x 1.45m)
item# CRP0309
Rug Floral Cream w Brown Orange (2.25m x 3.1m)
item# CRP0318
Rug Floral Cream w Orange Black Green (1.2 x 2.1m)
item# CRP0319
Rug Shag Orange (1.2m x 2.15m)
item# CRP0332
Barnyard (7m x 3m)
item# BDP0116
NZ Native Bush (10m x 3.6m)
item# BDP0074
Alpine Mountains #01 (6m x 4m)
item# BDP0076
Alpine Mountains #02 (7.8m x 3.9m)
item# BDP0081
Farmhouse and Fence (7m x 3m) [n]
item# BDP0089
Sailing Ship (8.8m x 4.2m)
item# BDP0092
Ivy Brick Wall (6m x 4m) [n lp]
item# BDP0094
Lovely Garden (12m x 4m)
item# BDP0098
New Zealand Native Backyard (7m x 3m)
item# BDP0105
Herne Bay Corner (10m x 5m)
item# BDP0015
1950's House (5.8m x 3.3m)
item# BDP0022
Auckland Harbour Day (8m x 3m)
item# BDP0023
NZ Country Farm House (3.5m x 3.5m)
item# BDP0044
1980s Suburban Houses (3.5m x 3.5m)
item# BDP0045
Wave (8m x 4m)
item# BDP0055

wn=worn. x=total quantity. p=parts. wg=weight in kg. mat=material. xxl=oversize. dia=diameter. h=height in metres. w=width in metres. d=depth in metres. bld=build/assemble. aso=assorted - generic code. n= no eyelets. lp= lazer print. uv+ultra violet. in= indoor use only. out=outdoor use. s= candle spike. c= candlestick. t= tea candle.