Halloween Horror

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Items shown are SAMPLES ONLY of the huge range we have available.

Dead Matador
Fly Guy
Kill Bill Bride
Bride of Frankenstein
Freddy Kruger - Nightmare on Elm St
Calypso - Voodoo Priestess
Bane - Batman
Jason - Friday 13th
Breaking Bad
Farmer of the Corn
Housewife Zombie
Evil Panto Clown
Madame of the Night
Hung at Dawn
Día de Muertos - Day of the Dead
The Hermit
Lil' Witch
Wizened Old Witch
Dead Victorian
Deathly Couple
Little Witch
Lady Guadalupe - Day of the Dead
Zombie Soldier
Voodoo doctor
Common Witch
Madam Rat
Day of the Dead
Armageddon Queen
Mrs Lovett - Sweeney Todd
Husband Killer
Killer Clown
Evil Harlequin
Voodoo Witch
Riff Raff - Rocky Horror
Bride of Death
Corpse Bride
What a Witch
Bloody Nurse
Bloody Cheerleader
Sweeney Todd
Witch Doctor
Vampire Poet
Death Gypsy
Lady of the Night
Future Punk
Charles Manson
Jack the Ripper
Mad Scientist
Grim Reaper