Circus Carnival

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Items shown are SAMPLES ONLY of the huge range we have available.

Evil Panto Clown
Knife Thrower and Assistant
Jojo Dog Boy
Popcorn Seller
Half Man/Lady
Harlequin Clown
Bearded Lady
Sexy Ringmaster
Fortune Teller
Poodle Girl
Clown Girl
Bird Lady
Mime Artist
Hobo Clown
Día de Muertos - Day of the Dead
Silly Clown
Sad Clown
Little Lion Tamer
The Circus is in Town
Lion Tamer Ringmaster
Killer Clown
Mistress Natasha
Evil Harlequin
Clown with Axe
Sebastian and Tiger
Columbia - Rocky Horror
Nacho Libre
Clown Antics
Russian Hawk Tamer
The Straw Man
Lucy in the Sky
Pretty Doll